An exclusive community filled with opportunities for growth in every direction of your photography career.


In The Glow is a Facebook-based group of photographers who are learning and growing together at a rapid pace. Based around YOUR needs, you will learn and grow too!

Charla Storey and Jennefer Wilson have had decades of success in the photography industry. With income in the multi-millions throughout the years, not only do they know how to run successful photography businesses, but also how to have joy while doing it.

The industry is full of amazing education, but nothing quite like this. Bringing authenticity and fun to the mix, Charla and Jenn create an environment where no question is too silly, no one is too new, no one is too old, and everyone belongs and can be themselves.

Published in national magazines, known worldwide, and chosen by celebrities to capture their events, they are already impacting their students in major ways. With expertise in every aspect of business ownership to photography and editing, there is truly nothing they haven't seen or walked through.

And, if there's one thing they know to be true, there truly is no feeling like knowing you aren't alone. Especially in an isolating industry filled often with hopes, disappointment and celebration. In The Glow is the community of friends every photographer longs for during those day to day moments and peaks and valleys. It really is the best!

The Membership

What's Included

Free access to every future Glowup challenge

Access to our exclusive Facebook community where every question you have will be answered

Exclusive members only education, typically 2 hours to dive deeper into the glowup topic of the month.

Live In The Glow video calls with Charla and Jennefer twice a month

20% discounts on all Develope Academy content

25% off all Kindred Presets purchases

First chance access to signup for shootouts before the general public tickets are released

Access to the In The Glow exclusive content vault

What to Expect

Every Month

Glowup Challenge Week (i.e. Posing, Skin Tones, etc.)

Week 1

In other words, you'll get incredible photography education every week of the year. Hot damn.

In the Glow live bonus content that was too valuable for the challenge but too important for you not to know

Week 2

60 minute open Q+A with Charla and Jenn. Anything goes!

Week 3

Family time where you can connect and build relationships with Jenn, Charla, and your other In the Glow members!

Week 4

You have changed my business and my life.

“Jennefer and Charla, I love you guys, and I love this group. Thank you for creating this community and for being so present with us.”

Community builds confidence. Having a cheering squad that is equipped to build you up, properly, is a huge necessity when building your dream.

Two world-renowned, successful photographers in your back pocket? Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

This Will Change
Of Your Business
The Trajectory

It's up to you. Only you can invest in your education and skills...and prevent forest fires.



a highly ambitious person who strives to achieve his or her goals in life, while maintaining a radiant glow both inside and out.

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Glowups are mini classes that Develope Academy hosts once a month. We figured, instead of teaching with big, grand gestures and catch-all courses for everything, maybe some topics needed a little more nuance. Consider a Glowup to be your first, second, or third date with whatever topic we are covering. We find that these bite-sized education opportunities help our students to learn more efficiently, more quickly, and with more intention. You can expect each day of education to last 1-2 hours and to have fun while you learn!

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