The Artificial Intelligence Glowup

Harness the power of AI for your photography business so you can get back to living life. 
Conquer your to-do list and unlock 25th-hour productivity!
With AI as your ally, you'll achieve greater productivity, find more time for what you love, and—dare we say—do your job even better than before. You can begin effectively integrating AI into your business and workflow instead of letting it scare you off!
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup
The Artificial Intelligence Glowup

The Artificial Intelligence Glowup

Ready for a technological leap in your photography career? Of course you are, you’re a Glowgetter!


This transformative Glowup rounds out the perfect addition to your digital toolkit. Made using expert knowledge, the ready-to-implement AI strategies are effective and empowering.

Discover how to make AI your creative partner, private editor, personal assistant, copywriter…really, anything you can dream up!—it’s the next best thing to having a personal AI assistant.

We are creatives and business owners—just like you. And we're on a mission to make photography education approachable, actionable, and downright fun.
We have over three decades of combined experience. And we provide expert know-how on damn near any photography or business-related topic.
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Charla Storey, Jennefer Wilson, Ashlyn Carter, Imagen AI

180 minutes

artificial intelligence, culling, Lightroom editing, copywriting
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“This is the only education I've invested in that actually pays off and works!! Plus Charla and Jenn are so hilarious and so easy to learn from!”
—Logan Lyons
Meet Your Teachers

Imagen AI

Imagen uses game-changing technology to help make photographer’s lives easier, allowing you to leave the tedious and repetitive editing tasks to Imagen so you can get back to focusing on what you love. Build your own AI editing profile using edited Lightroom Classic catalogs. Apply your personalized or profile to new photos, and see the edited results directly in Lightroom in no time. Imagen can edit 1,000 photos in 20 minutes. It edits like you because it learns from you. Imagen the possibilities.

Ashlyn Carter

As an entrepreneur, international speaker, mentor, and marketer, Ashlyn Carter is the premier expert for copywriting for creative entrepreneurs. She's the founder and CEO at Ashlyn Writes®, a copywriting business and marketing curriculum source for creatives. 90+ 1:1 clients, 5,000+ students, and 7-figures in revenue later, she's pinpointed what it is helps lock in half-a-million dollar launches for digital marketing campaigns.

She’s worked with major brands’ marketing efforts, including Delta Air Lines, Synovus Banks, Ford Fry Restaurants, and supported entrepreneurs including Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Julie Solomon, and Beth Kirby of Local Milk.
What's Inside

The Lesson Plan

Day 1
We’ve gotten tons of questions about what AI means for photographers’ careers and how to ethically navigate this new digital landscape. Is AI a friend or foe? Is it going to make photographers irrelevant? How do you even work these AI things?!

On Day 1, we’re chatting about the ethical considerations of AI, what AI tools are even out there, and give you some ideas on how you can begin the process of incorporating those tools into your workflow.

We'll discuss:
  • What’s the deal with AI?
  • The ethics of AI
  • Nope, AI is NOT coming for your job (but you still need to pay attention to what’s happening with it)
  • Why it’s time to start using AI in your business
  • Using AI to boost productivity and strike a better work-life balance
Day 2
Now it’s time for the real meat and potatoes. Our friends from Imagen, the O.G. AI editing program, will discuss using AI to get consistent edits in Lightroom. We'll also share our own experience using the new Photoshop Beta generative AI tools. You’ll also learn some of our favorite AI tools and programs that we use every day to make life (and work) easier.

Finally, you’ll learn how to pair your beautiful (AI-edited) images with powerfully crafted words, written using tips from our expert copywriter friend, Ashlyn Carter (yeah, she writes for big names like Jenna Kutcher and helped her get $1.2M in affiliate sales in 7 days 🤯).

You’ll learn:

  • Editing with Imagen AI in Lightroom
  • Making those “Can’t you just Photoshop that?” requests just a *little* less cringey
  • Practical tips for using AI in your business
  • How to leverage AI to write copy that gets that *bangs credit card on the table* reaction
  • Photoshop AI demo
  • AI culling demo
  • Chat GPT copywriting demo
Preview the Course
Sneak a peek at a clip from this course!
AI doesn’t have to be scary, overwhelming, or just for tech-experts.
Make AI your secret weapon. Don’t fall behind in the AI-driven world of the future. AI might not replace you as a photographer, but failing to incorporate it into your business, even at the base level, could mean the difference between wild success and staying exactly where you are now.
On-Demand Video Lessons
Watch anytime, anywhere. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your content via your personalized student portal.
Learn at Your Own Pace
As soon as you finish checking out, you're immediately granted access to the entirety of the course content. With lifetime access, you can take your time and always come back for a refresh.
Ongoing Support
Any updates we make to the Glowup will be added to your portal. Plus, we're available via email or our student Facebook community to answer questions and help you on your journey.
hosted by

Charla & Jenn

Education shouldn't be boring. Our laid-back but pointed approach to teaching has been said to be "like hanging out with besties with a glass of wine." We are relatable, while maintaining the fact that we are successful businesswomen in our industry. 

Join us for Charla's world-renowned, film shooting as she slams you with facts and rap rhymes while changing your life. Jennefer will be backing her up with her Kindred Preset prowess and inspiring ability to make everyone understand their individual importance.
Press & Praise
Our students had these questions when they joined. You too?
When and where does this course take place?
All our courses are available online, which means you can access them at any time, from anywhere. There are no specific start or end dates for the courses, and you can work through them at your own pace. You have the flexibility to pause, start, and stop each lesson to fit around your schedule. Once you purchase a course, you can start watching it immediately inside your Develope Academy student portal.
How long do I have access to the content?
How does lifetime access sound?! Once you've completed your purchase, you'll get an email with all the info you need to login to your student portal. After you login, you'll see the course added inside your account, ready to watch whenever it works best for you.
What's included?
Every Glowup includes:
  • Tips & strategies you can apply right away
  • 2-4 hours of education
  • One hot topic at a time
  • Quick and practical techniques
  • In-depth knowledge
  • Suitable for beginners and experts alike
I have another question. Can I chat with someone?
Absolutely! Just send our team an email via our contact form or reach us directly at

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