The Mindset Workbook

Visualize, affirm, achieve: Transform your aspirations into reality with The Mindset Workbook. 
Ever wish you had a mentor at your fingertips? Now you do.
Keep us in your back pocket with our downloadable guides and digital resources. These handy tools are designed to offer quick, accessible insights when you need them most. Whether it's a last-minute refresher on a tricky technique or a the exact templates we use in our businesses, our materials are tailored to support and enhance your learning on-the-go.
The Mindset Workbook
The Mindset Workbook
The Mindset Workbook
The Mindset Workbook
The Mindset Workbook
The Mindset Workbook
The Mindset Workbook
The Mindset Workbook

The Mindset Workbook

Being a small business owner is really freaking hard.


Every day, you put out your heart. It can be hard to find the connecting point between your current reality of the day to day and your big goals and dreams. Maybe you have mindset blocks surrounding money, boundaries, self-care, and what’s truly possible to achieve your life and career. We are all just trying to “keep it together.”


We certainly are not professional counselors or therapists. We aren't experts at any of this. But we do know that none of us should have to go through life alone.


Grab our 50+ page guide and workbook all about creating a positive mindset, getting started with manifesting your dream life, mental health tips, setting boundaries, and more! Now, you've got all the tools in the world (well, in each page) to dream up new realities or reflect on personal victories.

Think of it as your own personalized guide to mental wellness and manifestation as a small business owner—all curated by a fellow community of dreamers and doers.

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“To feel seen, heard, and understood is priceless."
“To feel seen, heard, and understood is priceless. I feel more confident going into my wedding season this year. I feel comfortable in being who I am for my clients and have set aside the expectations of having to be like everyone else."
—jennifer nolan

What's Inside

  • 50+ page guide and workbook

  • Tips for creating a positive mindset

  • Getting started with manifesting your dream life

  • Mental health tips

  • Tips for setting boundaries

  • And so much more!

Meet Your Teachers

Charla & Jenn

Education shouldn't be boring. Our laid-back but pointed approach to teaching has been said to be "like hanging out with besties with a glass of wine." We are relatable, while maintaining the fact that we are successful businesswomen in our industry. 

Join us for Charla's world-renowned, film shooting as she slams you with facts and rap rhymes while changing your life. Jennefer will be backing her up with her Kindred Preset prowess and inspiring ability to make everyone understand their individual importance.
Press & Praise

What Students Are Saying

Sarah reeves
"I actually just found Develope Academy and dove head-first into a few Glowups. I've learned more in the last few weeks than I have over the last 10+ years I've been shooting! I feel like I'm bffs with Charla & Jenn now, even though it's a one-sided relationship, haha! Anyways, thank you for creating real and raw education that I am glad to be a part of, because I know I will get something out of it every single time, along with several laughs!"

Sarah Schrieber, BRIDES
"When I think about this industry's power duos, Charla and Jennefer are one of the first pairs to come to mind. Infectious, understanding, and genius, these two are masters of their craft, something I have seen time and time again on the editorial side of the business. Their brainchild, Develope Academy, is a culmination of that shared expertise—it's a trove of advice, insight, and creativity. What a privilege it is, to learn from these women, these beautiful, vibrant manipulators of light, color, and motion!”

Vanessa Hermanns
“I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful this education has been for me! I’ve taken a ton of courses over the last few years, from huge industry names, and never felt like I really got anything from them. I’ve taken every single Glowup and have gained more knowledge this last year than I ever thought possible, all while laughing and making ‘that’s what she said’ jokes. I cannot thank you enough for this Jenn and Charla!”
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