A comprehensive learning experience for photographers.
Ready to refine your craft and achieve consistent, exceptional results that will wow your clients and set you apart from the competition?
As entrepreneurs and artists, we have to continually push ourselves to grow and improve to achieve our business goals and aspirations.

You're text hiddendrivenmotivatedseeking growth in your photography career.

But you're facing specific challenges in your photography and business—from capturing accurate skin tones, perfecting posing techniques, or effectively marketing your services.
What if you could have
a comprehensive and structured learning experience,
taught by industry-leading experts,
rather than trying to figure it out all on your own?
(or taking boring courses where you don't ACTUALLY learn anything?)
If you want to...
  • enhance your skills

  • gain specialized knowledge

  • and elevate your photography career

...The Library is the perfect destination for ongoing education—without the stress of information overload.
The Library
a dose of education whenever you need it

Access to our entire collection of past Glowups, plus fresh new content added every month—all for you to watch and learn.

With over 80 hours of teaching, you can confidently enhance your skills and take your photography to the next level—all on your own time.

text hiddenWhat exactly is a Glowup?

The Glowup challenges are easily-digestible​​​​​​​ deep dives into one topic at a time.

So you can quickly walk away an expert, ready to make real changes in your life and business.​​​​​​​
Want to check us out like a library book?
Your library card is already being printed ;)
  • Immediate access to our entire library of past Glowups (20+ Glowups with 80+ hours of photography education)

  • 2-4+ hours of fresh content added every month

  • Flexible payment options

Specialized Expertise
We've been photographers for a combined 30+ years, and we've learned a thing or two along the way. From being a single mom and photographer, to jumping into full-time business straight out of college, and even to making the BRIDES Top 50 Photographers list, it's safe to say that we've been there. 

There's no easy button in business, but two experienced mentors behind you are as close as you can get.
Manageable & Practical
As business owners, moms, wives, sisters (you name it), we totally understand that time is in short supply. We're not fans of wasted time, so we focus on one topic at a time, eliminating all the fluff and surface-level time-wasting.

The Library may have 80+ hours of content inside, but it's ready for you to consume in bite-sized chunks when it's convenient for you. You can even access it on-the-go, any time you want!
Fresh Content
Whether you're a beginner or you've been around the block a time or two, there's always more to learn. Every month, we add brand-new content to The Library for you to enjoy on your own time. 
Each Glowup offers practical techniques, tips, and strategies that can be applied right away in real-life situations. Our students find our hands-on approach extremely helpful as they can see concrete progress in their work and business's success. 
Total access to all our best secrets
(You're basically Harry Potter sneaking into the Restricted Section)
No need to pick just one area to level up—now, you can glowup your entire business!

The Library is the place to be for a transformative learning experience that'll leave you feeling confident, credible, and ready to take on the world. 

We're all about empowering you to attract high-end clients and become the exceptional photographer you were always meant to be!

What You'll Learn

Take a peek at what's included
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You Can Expect...
  • Access to our ever-growing collection of 20+ Glowups

  • Topics ranging from skin tones, tablescapes, composition, posing, business, and more

  • Practical, actionable knowledge and techniques that you can immediately apply to your business

  • Carefully crafted education that ensures you walk away an expert, one topic at a time

The Library
6-Month Membership
  • Immediate access to our entire library of past Glowups (20+ Glowups with 80+ hours of photography education)

  • 2-4+ hours of fresh content added every month

  • Cancel anytime

Annual Membership
Save over $200!
  • Immediate access to our entire library of past Glowups (20+ Glowups with 80+ hours of photography education)

  • 2-4+ hours of fresh content added every month

  • Cancel anytime

"I have gained more knowledge this last year than I ever thought possible."
“I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful this education has been for me! I’ve taken a ton of courses over the last few years, from huge industry names, and never felt like I really got anything from them. I’ve taken every single Glowup and have gained more knowledge this last year than I ever thought possible, all while laughing and making ‘that’s what she said’ jokes. I cannot thank you enough for this, Jenn and Charla!”
—Vanessa Hermanns
Our members had these questions before they joined. You too?
Is The Library suitable for photographers at all skill levels?
YES! Our Glowups cover a wide range of topics that are suitable for beginners and experts alike. Some Glowups may be more advanced for beginners, but the beauty of The Library is that you can start with beginner-friendly Glowups and keep going as you grow!
How often are new Glowups added to The Library?
New Glowups are added to The Library every single month! The live recordings of each month's Glowups typically happen the first week of every month. Once the replay access ends for students who enroll in the live challenge seven days later, we will add the Glowup content to your Library portal!
How long do I have access to The Library and its content?
As long as you're an active member! Think of it as Netflix for photographers. As soon as you register, you get the view all the content in our entire collection! But if you should decide to cancel your subscription, your access to The Library and its content goes away.
Can I upgrade my subscription from the 6-month plan to the annual plan?
Absolutely! Send our team an email at and we will help you get switched over.
Can I enroll in The Library if I primarily photograph genres other than weddings?
Absolutely! While some Glowups are wedding-specific, most of our Glowups apply to all photographers (and even videographers, too!).
Are the Glowups in The Library available for individual purchase, or do I need to enroll in the full course?
Yes, they are! You can purchase lifetime access to any of our past Glowups here!
Can I download the course materials for offline access?
No, not at this time. However, you can access your content on any mobile device for easy learning on-the-go!
Is there a community where I can interact with other photographers?
Yes! You can join our free Facebook community here!
Meet Your Teachers

Charla & Jenn

Education shouldn't be boring. Our laid-back but pointed approach to teaching has been said to be "like hanging out with besties with a glass of wine." We are relatable, while maintaining the fact that we are successful businesswomen in our industry. 

Join us for Charla's world-renowned, film shooting as she slams you with facts and rap rhymes while changing your life. Jennefer will be backing her up with her Kindred Preset prowess and inspiring ability to make everyone understand their individual importance.
Press & Praise
Get in. Get your learning on. Get out there
& do your thang!