[FREE GUIDE] 3 Things Photographers Should Stop Wearing to Weddings

[FREE GUIDE] 3 Things Photographers Should Stop Wearing to Weddings

Capturing weddings is an art form, but so is dressing for them—especially when you're weaving through luxury events with a camera.

If you're teetering between comfort and style, underdressing, or considering packing those beat up old sneakers, let's set some things straight. Here are three critical fashion faux pas that photographers need to stop committing at weddings.


1. Choosing Comfort Over Style

Yes, we understand—the struggle is real. It’s scorching outside, you’re schlepping around heavy gear, and a marathon-length day looms ahead. The temptation to slip into your softest tee and most forgiving jeans is strong.


But let’s get real: a luxury wedding is not the place to prioritize comfort over appearance. 

What to do instead: Strike a balance. Opt for smart, breathable fabrics that keep you cool while looking sharp. Think tailored dresses, professional-looking breathable tops, and stylish yet comfortable flats or loafers. You can still be comfortable without compromising on style—ensure you're dressed to impress but able to maneuver in between reception tables.


2. Showing Up Underdressed

A black-tie dress code doesn't include black t-shirts—let's just clear that up. While you don’t need to outshine the bridal party in a ballgown, you should mirror the formality of the event.

Showing up underdressed is a disservice to your professional image and could negatively reflect on your brand and relationships with other vendors.

What to do instead: Always, always adhere to the dress code specified for the event. When in doubt, overdo it slightly rather than risk underdressing. 

3. Wearing Loud, Look-at-Me Colors

Dressing like a guest means blending in, not standing out. It’s fun to ditch the all-black ensemble now and then, but unless the wedding palette specifically calls for hot pink, it's best to leave that in the closet.

Vibrant colors can not only be distracting, but they also cast unflattering shades on your subjects (and those white dresses) under different lighting conditions.

What to do instead: Stick to neutrals or muted versions of the wedding's color scheme. These shades are less likely to reflect onto your subjects and keep the attention on your work, not your wardrobe.



Navigating wedding attire as a photographer doesn’t have to be a puzzle. By avoiding these common traps, you can ensure that your presence is as polished as the beautiful moments you’re there to capture.


Ready to elevate your style game at weddings?

Grab our free guide, "What to Wear to Photograph a Wedding," filled with tips, outfit suggestions, and style advice tailored just for photographers like you. 👇


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